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Our Optometrist and staff perform vision therapy testing, also called a Neuro Optometric Evaluation. 


Who needs Neuro Optometric Testing?

KIDS who may need vision therapy testing:

 Kids who are smart in "everything but school."

Kids who like to be read to but hate to read.

 Kids who have tried medications to help focus. 

 Kids who who are not able to use stimulant medications.

 Kids who are are falling behind in reading or writing.

 Kids who have crossed eyes or eyes that uncouple.

 Kids who get embarrassed/nervous if reading aloud.

 Kids who have trouble throwing or catching a ball.

 Kids who have been diagnosed with dyslexia.

 Kids who have been diagnosed with "lazy eye"

Unlocking The Vision Puzzle

Unlocking The Vision Puzzle

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ADULTS who may need vision therapy testing:

 People who have strabismus, amblyopia or "lazy eye" who want maximize function or cosmetic appearance.

People who struggle to read or comprehend what they read.

People who lose their place or skip words/lines of text when reading.

 People who get tired or headaches when reading despite having glasses or contacts.

 People who are suffering from symptoms after concussions or brain injuries.

People who have problems with balance or dizziness and didn't respond to physical therapy. 

 People who are anxious around big crowds with lots of movement.

 People who are anxious complex visual environments like grocery stores.

 People who have trouble driving in the city. 

 People who get nauseous with visual tasks like reading, computer work.

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